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Alan’s 3-day crash course is a tremendous value! Having him guide me step-by-step in making my own marketing pieces live on the zoom call is next level! It’s the extra support I needed in implementing what I learned from his talks. I highly recommend working with Alan!

Carolyn Litton
First Centennial Mortgage


 Alan has done so much for me and my business. From learning how to market myself in a variety of different ways to having fun while marketing myself and my business. Being a client of Alan's has already helped my business grow and retain my current clients. His personality and willingness to help are two things that make working with Alan a truly unbelievable experience.

Matthew Harrold
American Family Insurance


 If you have the opportunity to attend one of Alan's marketing workshops, do it! His natural talent and quick wit shine through all he does. His simple, easy-to-implement steps will allow you to market like no one else. The result will be more customers for your business. I am happy to refer my clients to Alan.

- Sandra Price
Profit Builder Solutions


Alan's presentation of How to Become a One Man Content Machine brought ideas and clarity to my social media marketing. I now have new, relevant topics for my Real Estate posts, and have already been implementing! You know how when you go to an event, and it feels great for a day or two, but you don't do anything different? NOT with Alan's Event, he makes it simple to understand and create new content right away! I highly recommending seeing Alan live, and signing up for his course. You will learn to create content that aligns with your brand, saving you time, money, and keeping you TOP OF MIND!

- Dave Losavio
Mark Allen Realty


I had the opportunity of hearing Alan speak on "How to become a one man content machine" and WOW was it an entertaining and extremely educational presentation! I use social media for business regularly, yet Alan still managed to open my eyes to some new resources. With these new tools, I can improve my presence, add some fun to my posts, and appeal to more of my target audience. Whether you are looking to get started creating content OR up level your content game, Alan at Persona Marketing is a wealth of knowledge!

- Jennifer Radostits
Northwestern Mutual


Alan's training and services were the most useful tidbits i have been able to utilize in any 2 hour seminar I have attended. All the tools provided were easy to understand and to implement. Alan is not a marketing guru, he is a business advocate, always looking to give small businesses the best tools they can use for immediate success. He is a straight shooter, simplifies everything in a manner the least tech person can understand and comprehend. His expertise have been vital to my business.

- Ron Granado
Plymouth Title


Alan has figured out not only how to create very engaging content but also how to help others to do the same. He has taken the time and committment to dig into some simple to use programs and pull out marketing best practices. Then he has offered his expertise to us so we can duplicate his successes for our own business. He has taught me some great marketing tips using AI and more and I am grateful for the easy to use advice especially when time is very valuable. I highly recommend you take his courses, see him when he is speaking publicly or hire him for one on one help. You wont regret it!

- Kari Ann Ryan
Midwest Moving & Storage


I've heard Alan Stern speak to live audiences, and he 'knocked 'em alive' with this excellent content and up-beat delivery style!  I attended his '3-day Crash Course' in becoming a content creating machine, and he exceeded all of our expectations. We learned how to use Chat GPT to create stellar content, tables, FAQs and articles. He taught us to keep things light with Humor-Based-Marketing. He showed us some secrets of GIFs and Memes, and also how to wrap messages into attractive infographics.  Heavy-duty material creates an idea-chain that each participant can use immediately. Saying that his 3-day Crash Course is a 'Game-Changer' is an understatement!

ACTION ITEM: Sign up for his next course. You will learn much more than you might expect.

- Russ Watson Ed.D
Target Consultants Inc.


I have had the privilege of having Alan on one of my team calls as a guest speaker. I have a team of young professionals, and Alan brought a fresh approach to marketing ourselves by using A.I. I personally took away a lot that I will immediately start to implement in my business. I love the H.E.A.T. method he focused on. The message resonated with everyone, which is hard to do with so many diverse backgrounds. It was super informative but also, his delivery was on point. I highly recommend you as a speaker and or to collaborate in any way.

- Caden Vittorini
Vitt Factor


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